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In Australia was founded a bottle with a call for help

Added 12 January 2016

The found a note dated January 2, were the names of two people, as well as the coordinates of the location of the boat. However, during a search operation at the rescue, a number of questions concerning the presentation of the history.
Tourists on the beach found the Australian state of New South Wales bottle with an appeal for help, according to ABC.

"SOS, we ran aground. Eating enough for a few days. The fuel in the boat over. We do not know how many days will be enough water. Send help. We are afraid," - said in a letter dated January 2. The note also contains the names and coordinates of two people, according to which a certain vessel allegedly suffered distress in the Montagu Island in the Pacific Ocean.
A helicopter with rescuers examined the supposed location of the area of the boat, including the coastline of the city of Brawley to Bermangui

According to Director of Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service by Stephen Leahy, the search yielded no results, which suggests that the letter was a forgery.
"There was no wreckage, no distress boats, no people in the water," - he said, adding that rescuers have not recorded emergency satellite beacon. In addition, the police have been reported allegations of missing people.

"Unfortunately, it appears that it may have a fake" - he concluded.
Sergeant Steve Wilson of aquatic Eden City Police said rescuers have exhausted search capabilities and the evidence points to the fact that this letter was not true. He also stressed that, given the flow of water, the boat was washed ashore after a day or two after the note was written. Police also carefully check the names mentioned in the letter, but did not find the information about these people.

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